Yaku is walking with Bondi to the market on a beautiful Spring day. They pass 4 men, and the largest man, Binee, bumps into Yaku on purpose, making a comment about his gay green robe.

Knowing Binee as a bully from before he entered the disciplines, Yaku is infuriated and screams at his tormentor; a fight is imminent.

Binee does not know that part of Yaku's training is the lethally defensive martial art Mandhu, and that novice Yaku, similarly to Binee himself, is not yet even close to being in control of his normal humanly violent impulses.

Bondhi steps between the two and leads Yaku away as Binee yells receding obscenities at the two of them, although Binee is inwardly relieved that the confrontation was never consummated, sensing that this time he may have picked the wrong person to bully.

- bondhi
Yaku, if you had followed your inclination, at this moment Binee would have just been released into death, and you would be living still inside the pain you carry with you and cannot release. His death would not have reclaimed your dignity, or given you respite from the mysterious hidden torment he touched in you. You must continue your search for the Binees that thrive within you.